Brunnengasse 11
90402 Nürnberg
(0911) 226810
(0911) 2419794

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 11 am until 10 pm.
Sundays and holidays closed.


The Bratwurstherzle has been spoiling its guests with original Nuremberg sausages from the beech wood barbecue grill and other tasty local specialities which it makes itself since 1526.

The Bratwurstherzle is a Nuremberg institution and is now managed by the seventh generation of the same family. It maintains the traditions of manufacturing sausages to a secret family recipe using quality pork meat and of really “living” Franconian hospitality.

In a historic atmosphere, all sausage lovers will still find genuine Franconian hospitality here - as it has fortunately survived through all the centuries and resisted other influences. In the middle of the cosy Bratwurstherzle restaurant burns a fire whose glow makes from this special recipe the special thing with which you are served: a delicious and genuine Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausage.

Today guests are still able to enjoy their Bratwurst sausages, served on a traditional pewter plate in an historical ambience close to the St Lorenz church in the new location in the Brunnengasse. The Bratwurstherzle: The ideal meeting place for every occasion, in the heart of Nuremberg and right opposite the St Lorenz church.