The Nuremberg Butcher's Guild

The Nuremberg Butcher's Guild


Fleischer-Innung Mittelfranken-Mitte
Fürther Freiheit 6
90762 Fürth
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Opening hours
Monday through friday 8 am until 6 pm
Appointments on demand.

The Nuremberg Butchers’ Guild is a voluntary association comprising the businesses of around 71 master butchers. The maintenance of product quality through exchange of information, common perception of interests and the training of young researchers are at the heart of the activities of the Butchers’ Guild. Managing director of the guild is Mr Thomas Mörtel. Ms Nina Weiß represents the butchers within the bratwurst association being the second chairman. 

An interview with Chairman Manfred Seitz

Why is the Nuremberg Bratwurst sausage so close to your heart?
Our Nuremberg Bratwurst sausage simply takes a special place in the ranks of the sausages; it is so to speak the Queen of the sausages. The special position of Nuremberg on the medieval trade routes and the associated access to fine spices as well as the right of the people to have a good quality of food has a long history which goes back to the year 1313.

We are very proud of being able to maintain this artisan tradition in Nuremberg and are fully aware of the responsibility we have.

So the Nuremberg sausage represents the highest craftsmanship. 
How do you preserve these skills?
It is immensely important that we make visible the passion for our butcher's trade. The goods which are produced fresh every day are sold on our stands and are on display at buffets and other catering events. We must hand on to our young apprentices and journeymen the practical skills of the butcher’s trade as well as enthusiasm for the taste for our fine products. In that way our craft will remain alive.