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Stadt Nürnberg / BürgerInformationsZentrum
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90403 Nürnberg
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Monday to Thursday from 8 am until 5 pm
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The city of Nuremberg is a founding member of the Protection Association and has always been committed to the interests of the Nuremberg sausages. According to a ruling of the Nuremberg City Council, on 18th March 1998, the recipe for making Nuremberg sausages, which by then was popular throughout the world, was once again confirmed in the Nuremberg City Hall.

In 2014 Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly was awarded on behalf of all its employees the 11th Nuremberg Sausage Prize. This special award is given to people or institutions which have worked particularly hard to promote the interests of the Nuremberg sausages.

Major Dr. Ulrich Maly, Chairman Dr. Rainer Heimler and 2nd Chairman Dr. Hartmut Frommer

An interview with Dr. Ulrich Maly

Why is the Nuremberg sausage so close to your heart?

The identification of a city with its culinary specialty, a small sausage, with its city and vice versa is absolutely unique. The growth of importance is a composite work of the inhabitants, the Nuremberg council, the cabinet and the administration of the city. 

After 1990 it was unfortunately inevident to enforce the protection of the littel sausage. March 18 in 1998 the foundation for the protection was set by a sitting of the city council in the tavern "Zum Gulden Stern". Today we proudly can announce that the Nuremberg sausage is the first geographically protected Bratwurst sauasage in the world. 

The Nuremberg sausage is a Nuremberg Original?
Nuremberg isn't only famous for its cultural and historical treasuries but also for its culinary specialties which are wellknown and loved around the world: Gingerbread, hot spiced wine, it beers.. and especially the Nuremberg sausages. They all belong tu Nuremberg like the famous castle, the Christkindlesmarkt, Albrecht Dürer or the soccer Team 1. FC Nürnberg. Truthfully a Nuremberg original.