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Gebrüder Kupfer GmbH & Co. KG
Marburger Straße 8
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The family tradition began in 1906 with the founding of the Hans Kupfer & Sohn butcher’s shop in Heilsbronn. In 1991 the Gebrüder Kupfer GmbH Company was founded and since then it has produced around 1 million original Nuremberg Bratwurst sausages every day.

Otto Kupfer is convinced of the fact that “You need strong roots to produce solid growth.” This motto has helped the Kupfer family business to grow successfully since 1906.

An interview with Otto Kupfer

Why is the Nuremberg Bratwurst sausage so close to your heart?
We are a traditional family business. For us it has always been important to remember our roots. Because treading new paths does not mean abandoning the familiar, because it is precisely in the experiences of the past that the basis for innovations can often be found. This is particularly true in the field of food production. The Nuremberg sausage represents both tradition and pedigree. Our business has pledged to protect both of these aspects.

The Nuremberg sausage represents the highest quality. A claim which is also a challenge?
For us and for all producers of the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausage, this is a matter of course. First class raw materials, a particularly gentle processing and the quality awareness of our employees are all important. We have to encourage this quality awareness and that is what we do with each of our more than 580 employees. Therefore we achieve that only first class products leave our production site and this is being repeatedly confirmed by official bodies. It is our claim to be able to maintain the quality of our Nuremberg sausages consistently at the highest level.