Schlütter’s Echte! Nürnberger Rostbratwürste GmbH & Co KG

Schlütter's Echte Nürnberger Rostbratwürste


HoWe Wurstwaren KG
Regenstraße 1
90451 Nuremberg
0911 / 92 99 35 – 0
0911 / 92 99 35 – 16

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8 am until 6 pm
Saturday 8 am to 1 pm

Schlütter’s Echte! has been in Nuremberg since 1983. Every day it produces Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages to a traditional and protected recipe at its Nuremberg factory for distribution near and far.

 In 1984 Max Ponnath initially acquired a 50% stake in the company and he acquired the entire company in 1998.

Packaging examples of Schlütter's Echte!

An interview with Max Ponnath

Why is the Nuremberg sausage so close to your heart?
We are proud that we are able to successfully reconcile traditional values and traditional recipes with the demands of our time. Our strict guidelines meet the highest quality standards. This naturally applies to all the original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages, too!

The Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausage is a classic! Can a traditional dish move with the times? Of course this is possible. For this reason, and for the connoisseurs who would rather have a lighter version, we have added a reduced-fat version of the sausage to our range. True to the motto: Less fat, but just as tasty.

You can also have a bio version! We get our meat only from selected suppliers and all Schlütter's sausages are naturally produced - without the addition of preservatives and flavour enhancers. Those who wish to do so can also get Schlütter's Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages in certified Bio quality. (Eco-control office: DE-ÖKO-003)