Wolf  Wurstspezialitäten GmbH

Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH


Wolf Nürnberger Bratwurst GmbH
Andernacherstraße 29
90441 Nuremberg
0911 52018-0
0911 52018-149

Opening hours
Daily except Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm

Christian Wolf has been managing the Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH company since 1999 and he is the fourth generation of his family to do so. The company’s workforce of around 150 people produces 200 million sausages per year.

Its Head Office has been at Schwandorf since 1965 and this is so-to-speak the home of the WOLF group of companies. The Nuremberg sausages are, however, made strictly in accordance with EU guidelines at the company’s site in Nuremberg.

Packaging examples of Wolf Wurstspezialitäten: grilled and grilled with sauerkraut

An interview with Christian Wolf

Why is the Nuremberg sausage so close to your heart?
This small sausage speciality is a part of the Franconian culture for me, and it is not without reason that it is so popular across the world. Also, our Nuremberg original sausages have been produced since time immemorial here in the “Capital of the Franks.” The original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages are one of our most popular products and the fact that they are produced under an obligation to follow ancient recipes and following strict EU rules underlines our passion for maintaining our regional distinctness.

The Nuremberg sausage represents our homeland. The Wolf group of companies is a family run business in its fourth generation. This is a perfect fit together, isn’t it? The first business was founded by my great grandfather Alois Wolf in the “golden twenties” in Egerland. He laid the foundation for the modern WOLF group of companies. Essentially not much has changed since then. We are still a family company connected with our homeland and with a passion for meat and sausage specialities in the best butcher’s tradition.