Jul 6, 2021

9 cm Nuremberg: A guided tour of the city
 to sites of importance in the “history of the sausage.”

Experience something of the history of the Nuremberg sausage and find answers to questions such as: When did the people of Nuremberg first start eating sausages? Why are the sausages so small? Why are there always even numbers of sausages on a plate and why are there only three “in the Weckla”?

This entertaining tour ends with, true to the topic, with “One on a fork!”

Adults: €10 (€ 9 tour price and €1 for the sausage)
Children up to 14 years: €1

Meeting point:
Tourist Information at Hauptmarkt 18

21.08.2015 17:00
04.09.2015 17:00
02.10.2015 17:00
16.10.2015 17:00
30.10.2015 17:00
13.11.2015 17:00

More information under www.tourismus.nuernberg.de