Sep 17, 2015

New Internet presence

Our new internet site has a completely new design! The display is more lavish, more modern and above all user-friendlier.

 At this point we would like to make an important note: In order to benefit from the full functionality, you should visit this site only with browser versions later than Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 35, Chrome 40 and Safari 7.

Because of its new responsive design, the website automatically adapts to every format, whether you visit our web shop on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

The headings "Experience," "Discover & Enjoy" and "Explore" invite you to delve more deeply into the topic; and all sorts of interesting and curious facts about all aspects of the Nuremberg sausages - which are well worth knowing - await you in a new presentation! A new shop area offers a lot of useful and nice gift ideas for lovers of the Nuremberg sausage!

Have fun shopping!