Oct 6, 2015

Original meets original

World Food Speciality Heritage, Bavaria spoke to Christian Jürgens about the consequences of this culinary star magic, about the connection between creativity and craftsmanship and why Bavaria simply tastes different from other places. Together with his team in the Überfahrt (crossing) restaurant on the Tegernsee, Christian Jürgens received his third Michelin star in 2013. This is the highest award a chef can gain.

For one day he allowed us to look over his shoulder and into his cooking pots. In so doing, he explained to us the importance of tradition and craftsmanship in three-star cuisine, the value of regionality in his kitchen and much more.

You can see the film on this at:  https://www.weltgenusserbe.eu/christian-juergens.html

Christian Jürgens (3 star chef) Christian Jürgens in his kitchen in hotel Überfahrt Tegernsee