Sep 21, 2015

Filmteam Travelscope visits Nuremberg

On Monday, 21st September 2015 the American film team Travelscope of Joseph Rosendo visited Nuremberg. We werre very pleased to offer the team our wonderful Nuremberg sausages for lunch in the famour Nuremberg Bratwursthäusle tavern. 

Dr. Rainer Heimler, chairman of the association of the Nuremberg Sausages surprised Joseph Rosendo with funny and curious stories of the small Wörschdla. The TV-show „Travel Scope“ is very famous in the US and was awarded several times with the Emmy Award.

The film team Travelscope visited Nuremberg Dr. Rainer Heimler and Joseph Rosendo

We are looking forward to the report on Nuremberg. For more information on Joseph Rosendo and his show please visit the homepage: