Der Bratwurst-Spaziergang.
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Der Bratwurst-Spaziergang.

Auf den Spuren der Nürnberger-Bratwurst

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In less than seven years, the Nuremberg Sausage Protection Association succeeded in encouraging the EU to pass Regulation No 1257 of 15. July 2003 which conferred on the original Nuremberg - as the first sausage in the world - the rights of a speciality with a protected origin.
As part of the effort to protect and maintain the local and historical roots of the Nuremberg sausage, Dr. Harmut Frommer, Vice Chairman of the Nuremberg Sausage Protection Association, invites you to join him on the Nuremberg sausage trail in this book to accompany the walk.

First edition 2005, concept and text: Dr. Hartmut Frommer
 ISBN 3-00-016250-X

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