Bratwurst Röslein
Rathausplatz 6
90403 Nürnberg
(0911) 21486-0
(0911) 21486-66

Opening hours
Daily 10 am to 12 pm.
No day of rest!

Bratwurst Röslein

The Bratwurst-Röslein has been standing in the heart of the old town of Nuremberg, not far from the main market since 1432. This building was originally known as the Waizenstüblein tavern, later it became the Three Roses Rostbratwurst sausage restaurant before finally becoming the Bratwurst-Röslein which we know today.

From its open show kitchen the Förster family serves many Franconian regional dishes and of course the original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages, made to a traditional recipe by the Old Town Master Butcher Michael Förster.

The Bratwurst Röslein claims to be the ”biggest sausage restaurant in the world.“ Four different guest rooms with a cosy atmosphere cater for up to 600 guests. Added to this is the large beer garden with 250 seats.