Goldenes Posthorn
Glöckleinsgasse 2
90403 Nuremberg
(0911) 22 76 25
(0911) 22 76 45

Opening hours
Every day from 10.30 am until 10 pm.
Sundays closed.

The Bratwurst-Glöcklein in the Nuremberg Handwerkerhof

The Nuremberg Handwerkerhof is situated right next to the Königstor opposite Nuremberg's main railway station. Anyone who wishes to take a little trip into the past and who is interested in traditional artisan crafts and typical Nuremberg products simply has to visit this oasis of an experience with medieval flair! Of course the seductive aroma of Nuremberg sausages wafts through the streets here too,

In the middle you can find the Bratwurst-Glöcklein restaurant which is housed in a wonderfully beautiful half-timbered house. The name of the restaurant goes back to the 14th. century. The first recorded mention of the Bratwurst-Glöcklein dates from 1313, making it the oldest recorded sausage restaurant in Nuremberg. This tradition is maintained here today in the historic Handwerkerhof in the city of Nuremberg.

As is only fitting for the original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages, in the original sausage restaurants they are cooked on a wood-fire barbecue grill. Served on the stylish historical pewter plates, the aroma of these crispy delicacies does not just make the mouths of the locals water! Of course, the classical accompaniments to the original Nuremberg sausages are never lacking either: Sauerkraut, potato salad, horseradish and fresh bread.