Myths & Legends

Delightful and fun-sized, a sausage for all occasions – that is the Nuremberg sausage! The question of why it should have achieved its refined perfection in the middle of a region dominated by large and coarse sausages such as Franconia is a matter for speculation. All sorts of historical and contemporary myths are therefore woven around this small sausage.



Caspar Hauser was fed on a vegetarian diet when he was incarcerated in his lonely prison cell and he therefore protected himself against all forms of meat. He could only take meat in homoeopathic doses. The small Nuremberg sausages would have been perfectly suited for this!


Through the key hole….

According to tradition, Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages are so small so that after the closing of the city gates at night they could be fed through the key hole to those who had arrived back too late to get in!


Wärtshäuser su klaa

Nuremberg not only had the greatest number of taverns, but they were also the smallest. The sausages had to be adapted to this fact and thus they could be fed through the keyhole of the taverns even at a very late hour of the night!


...The prisoner’s last meal

It is also said that Nuremberg sausages are so small so that they could be fed to prisoners in the cells below the City Hall through holes specially drilled in the walls. This why these cells are still known as “hole prisons.”


Prisoner’s food

We learn from the annals of the history of the imperial city of Nuremberg (1598 - 1623) that:
The Nuremberg City Judge Hans Stromer who was thrown into the Tower in 1554 for espionage and embezzlement ate 28,000 sausages during his 38 years of imprisonment.