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3 in a bun - Quality from Nuremberg

Even today, the City Council is strict in regulating the quality of "its" sausages. The fact that both a completely special recipe and production method must be followed for making Nuremberg Bratwurst and Rostbratwurst sausages, in accordance with traditional commercial practice and consumer expectations, was last laid down in the decision by Nuremberg City Council’s Committee on Legal Affairs, the Economy and Work on 18.03.1998 .

The imperial city of Nuremberg already had access to aromatic spices during the Middle Ages. This meant that making specialities such as the Nuremberg gingerbread Lebkuchen and Nuremberg sausages became established as hand crafting skills.


Our quality promise


Nuremberg Quality Seal

You can instantly recognise the genuine, fine quality “Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausagesbecause they display the red Nuremberg Quality Seal.

Only the finest ingredients are processed to create a top quality product, and even today sausages may only be described as being “Nuremberg sausages” if they are made within the Nuremberg City using our specified recipe.




The best meat

Only fresh pork is used to make a Nuremberg sausage. There is no mixing of different types of meat here. Traditionally, pork shoulder, ham, pork cheeks and bellies are used to make the sausages.


Aromatic spices

Pork, salt, pepper and marjoram. These are the basic spices used in the Nuremberg sausages. Whether a pinch of allspice is added, perhaps a little mace or a hint of lemon, all these fine nuances are left to the individual butcher.


Fresh every day

The butchers of Nuremberg make their sausages fresh every day. Since the 1970s, they have also been able to satisfy the high demand or their sausages from outside of the Nuremberg city walls by using vacuum packaging. The short scalding process and the air-tight packaging allow these fine Nuremberg sausages to be enjoyed across Europe and even across the world while they are still fresh for even longer.


Strict quality controls

The entire production process - whether manual or industrial - is subjected to regular quality controls. External institutes check compliance with the defined ingredients and the production conditions. The responsible persons receive regular internal training to ensure that the entire production process -from the checking of the meat delivered to the factory right up to the packing of finished products- conforms the requirements of manufacturing a prestige product.


Gluten and lactose-free

The Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sausages are gluten and lactose-free and are therefore ideal for people with one of these food allergies or intolerances.

Read more about the topic of gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance which is so widespread today.

Tested & Excellent

It is our claim to be able to maintain the quality of our Nuremberg sausages consistently at the highest level.
External monitoring and evaluation systems in the food industry continuously pay tributes to the Nuremberg sausage.

DLG prämiert

Stiftung Warentest


The German Agricultural Society (DLG) Food Testing

Our member companies apply individually for the German Agricultural society Awards. German Agricultural Society food testing provides the consumer with neutral and independent results about the quality of food. For the purposes of active consumer protection, product testing is performed by scientific experts on the basis of the current quality standards and recognised methods. It analyses the sensory quality of food (colour, appearance, consistency, taste and smell). Further important criteria are preparation tests, packaging and labelling tests as well as chemical, microbiological and physical analyses in accredited laboratories.

The German Product Testing Foundation

The German Bundestag decided in 1964 to create the German Product Testing Foundation (Stiftung Warentest). Its objective is to provide independent and objective support for consumers in making purchase decisions by conducting comparative testing of goods and service. Nuremberg sausages have been tested in the sausages category. You can see the results of these tests for yourself, either directly on the Product Testing Foundation’s website or by contacting us.

QA Test System

The QA test system for foods is unique amongst food quality testing systems in Europe as it covers food at every stage from the farm to the shop counter. Since its foundation in the year 2001, it has stood for in-depth checks, a reliable traceability and clear labelling of foodstuffs from good sources.